In its three years long journey, OnePlus has made some rapid strides to establish itself as a prominent brand in the highly competitive mobile world. The ‘Never Settle’ tagline company has been mocking other established players whose with its premium specs and affordable price. In a bid to further strengthen its market position OnePlus recently announced OnePlus 5T (FAQ) which is essentially a OnePlus 5 with an 18:9 display and slightly improved cameras.

Since the mid-life update is now done and dusted, the company should be gearing up for the OnePlus 6 which is likely to be launched in first half of 2018. There are OnePlus 6 features which are either rumors or likely to be a part of the OnePlus phone for the very first time.

OnePlus 6 Release Date and Price

  • OnePlus 6 global launch is expected in June 2018, however, it may happen before June
  • Expect OnePlus 6 India launch within two-three weeks of global announcement
  • The OnePlus 6 Price expected to be under Rs 40,000 in India

OnePlus 6 News, Rumors and Expected features

1. HDR 10 and HDR Premium support in display

At the time when competition is shipping their flagships with QHD+ displays, OnePlus made a conscious decision to offer Full HD+ AMOLED displays in its phones. Apart from resolution, where existing OnePlus phone display fell short when against competition is the support for HDR 10/ HDR Premium / Dolby Vision. Though a bump in resolution is highly unlikely, we expect OnePlus 6 to come with HDR capabilities.

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2. Android Oreo and Project Treble

OnePlus just commenced the Close Group beta testing for the OnePlus 5T (cases) and in next few weeks, it is expected to upgrade its 2017 smartphones to Android Oreo. However, none of the existing OnePlus phones will be able to benefit from Google’s Project Treble as confirmed by OnePlus AMA session on its forum.

For those who are hearing about Google’s Project Treble for the first time, it’s a modular structure that Google’s Android Operating system which separates OEM customizations away from core OS. With Project Treble, Google will be able to directly push updates to your device with affecting customizations done by the OEM.  OnePlus 6 is expected to be the first smartphone from the company that ships with Project Treble.

3. IP certification against Water and dust resistant

At the time when reports surfaced about OnePlus 5 being a waterproof or not OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau went on record to say that OnePlus 5 offers some degree of water resistance. However, on the official website, it is clearly mentioned that OnePlus 5 (and 5T) are not waterproof and OnePlus won’t be liable for any water damage to your device.

Currently, Apart from OnePlus 5T, all others flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 8, HTC U11, Google Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 Plus are water and dust proof. In 2018, it will be high time for the company to ignore water and dust resistant. We expect, OnePlus 5 to come with either IP67/68 grade water and dust certification.

4. Improved Cameras with OIS

OnePlus 5 and 5T cameras are pretty competitive and arguably best cameras in its budget. Having said that, Optical image stabilization which was a part of OnePlus 3 and 3T was unexpectedly no longer part of the OP5 and OP5T. OIS proves handy when it comes to shooting videos or capturing images on the go or in the low light. The company is expected to bring back OIS in the OnePlus 6.

Apart from OIS, the OnePlus 6 could also feature 4K recording at 60fps which is currently only available in latest generation Apple iPhones. It is expected to feature Qualcomm’s next-generation powerhouse – Snapdragon 845 chipset which will unlock the support 4K/60fps video recording.

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5. Stereo Speakers

The OnePlus 5 and 5T both are equipped with a potent loudspeaker which is loud and crisp. The phone delivers good multimedia experience but still, the lack of second speakers leaves a void. In comparison, most of the competition including HTC U11 Plus, Xiaomi Mi 6, Apple iPhone 8, and the Pixel 2 XL all boasts stereo speakers. Therefore, we expect the OnePlus 6 make debut with stereo speakers.

6. USB 3.1 Type-C & bigger battery

OnePlus should be given the credit for first introducing Type C port and persisting with it at a time when most brands decide to ignore it. As we are on the verge to enter 2018 most of the flagships now comes with USB 3.1 based Type C port.

Though OnePlus was an early adopter of Type C port it’s used USB 2.0 standard. Since competition has moved forward and has embraced USB 3.1 to deliver faster transfer speeds, we expect OnePlus 6 to come with USB 3.1 based Type C port.

7. Under Display Fingerprint sensor and  Advanced Facial Recognition

Vivo X20

The OnePlus 5T made the Chinese smartphone maker had to shift its fingerprint sensor to the back to accommodate a bigger 18:9 display. After BBK electronics subsidiary – Vivo’s successful implementation of the under display fingerprint sensor, the latest OnePlus 6 rumor (reported by GizmoChina) suggest it can be a part of next flagship killer.

Another rumor suggests that OnePlus 6 to boast a more advanced version of the facial recognition system. The Chinese smartphone maker first introduced facial unlock feature with OnePlus 5T and now it is working on its advanced version.

last updated on 07/02/2018.

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