On September 12, when the people of most eastern countries were sleeping Apple gave birth to a new iPhone, the iPhone X (or iPhone 10), at the newly built Steve Jobs theatre. The company dubs the new iPhone X as the “future of smartphones.”

The iPhone X gets a complete makeover from the past iPhones and the new design looks really stunning. The display at the front runs almost edge-to-edge, and the popular Apple home button, the touch-ID, has been replaced by the face-ID and the entire phone has been given a shiny glass-coating.

Even when apple claims that it is the toughest glass used on a phone, we all know that ther is no such thing as drop and scratch proof glass for a phone. Fret Not! We have compiled 10 best case covers and cases for your valuable iPhone X.

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iPhone X Textured Cover by Caseology

We are starting the list with this textured case cover for your valuable iPhone X smartphone. The cover is precisely carved out according to the design of the phone, leaving all section for all the necessary. The cover covers the phone perfectly, keeping its glass body completely safe from scratches and damage.

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iPhone X Slim Cover by Tauri

Next, we have is an armored protective case cover for your iPhone X. The cover has been designed using a polycarbonate and TPU material to make it rigid and shockproof. The cover is destined to keep your phone away from scratches, bumps, and damages caused by inadvertent drops.

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iPhone X Transparent Bumper Case by MoKo

Moving on, we have a bumper case cover for your precious iPhone X. The case understands the value of precious devices and that is the reason it packs extra-protection on the edges. This keeps the phone protected, always. Another advantage of this cover is its transparent look, it has got a crystal clear design that lets you admire the aesthetics of the phone, even when the cover is on. However, it does add a little bulk to the phone.

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iPhone X Flip Cover by LK

Here, we have a wallet-cum flip cover for your iPhone X. The cover not only guards the phone’s back but its front too. It has an extra-flap on top of that edge-to-edge display that keeps the screen away from scratches and dust.

The cover has also got dedicated slots for storing your plastic and paper currency.

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iPhone X Bumper Case by MoKo

This is a bumper case cover for your iPhone X. The cover does add a heft to the phone, but it is the perfect companion for guarding your phone against minor mishaps. The cover stretches to all the four corners of the phone, keeping the phone shiny and glossy for a long period of time.

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iPhone X Printed Case Cover by LK

Next in line is a designer case cover for the flagship iPhone X device. The cover adds to the look of the phone and is capable to pull-off minor scratches, bumps, and dents. Despite its designer print, the cover has got a soft and clean look at the back, which makes it comfortable to hold.

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iPhone X Hybrid Case Cover by Tauri

The case is for those who are a heavy user of their smartphone. This particular case for your iPhone X suits to the aggressive need of the user and protect it from all the possible damages. The cover has got hard edges and an extra-protection on all the four corners of the phone, which keeps the phone in a safe pair of hands.

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iPhone X Ultra-Thin Case Cover by Tozo

In case you are looking for an ultra-thin cover that won’t play with the iPhone X original look, then this case cover is for you. The case is a transparent shell that will protect your phone without affecting its premium look. Also, the flexibility and softness of the cover makes it easy to install and remove from the phone.

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iPhone X Slim-fit Case Cover by ESR

Looking for a slim-fit case cover for your iPhone X, try this. Adding just a minuscule bulk to the phone, the cover sticks well to the edges and back of the phone. The case will keep the phone away from scratches, bumps, and damages caused by the inadvertent drops. This case cover is made from soft-TPU material and will also be shock resistant. You can easily install and remove the cover from the phone.

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iPhone X Shockproof Case Cover by Babigirl

We are closing the list with this shockproof bumper case for your iPhone X. The case’s corners are packed with extra-protection, as it is the corners that are very vulnerable to damage. The cover has been built from soft silicone material, that makes it lightweight and shock resistant. From the front, the cover has protruded edges that keeps the phone’s screen away from scratches and dust.

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Best iPhone X Tempered Glasses

The reason why iPhone X is dubbed as the “future of iPhone”, is because of its extraordinary AMOLED display, on the front. The iPhone X sports a bezel-less 5.8-inch super Retina HD display, with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on top.

Though the Corning Gorilla Glass ensures the safety of the screen from shatter, yet it is still susceptible to scratches and dust. So, protect your iPhone X screen with a good tempered glass. You can choose one from our list:

Tempered Glass by Fooing – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by ESR – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by Tozo – Buy it from here


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